MVHR Systems help deliver Masterplan

A number of heat recovery with mechanical ventilation (MVHR) systems from ADM Systems are helping Chevin Housing Association residents improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their new homes.

Barnsley Council approved a Masterplan that was developed with the community to regenerate central Goldthorpe. The purpose of the plan was to address issues such as poor quality housing and new housing in the town that is becoming isolated from the existing settlement.

Specifying energy saving features such as an MVHR system, as part of the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3 build, is an effective means of achieving better quality housing because it results in more energy efficient and healthier homes.

The new properties were fitted with gas central heating and an MVHR system from ADM Systems, principally to maximize energy efficiency.

The MVHR system is now helping the residents avoid any increase in heating bills because it recovers over 90 per cent of the heat from the outgoing stale air. This recovered heat is fed back into the house as warm, fresh, filtered air.

Affordable benefits
Chevin Housing Association has found other benefits of fitting the MVHR system on the affordable properties.

For starters, lower relative humidity resulting from the MVHR system provides health benefits to the residents. That’s because house dust mites thrive where there is warmth and moisture – the airborne detritus that they produce has been shown to cause asthma and other bronchial conditions. The MVHR systems ability to reduce relative humidity eliminates dust mites and the problems they cause.

The MVHR system provides a continuous low level of background ventilation, which has been designed to change all the air in the property approximately once every one and a half hours.

The residents have noticed that this constant circulation of air avoids any cold or warm spots developing inside their house. This is a huge benefit as it controls uncomfortable draughts as cold and warm air has a tendency to constantly move around.

Filters on the MVHR system remove dust and other airborne particles from the incoming air such as pollen and suspended carbon pollution from car exhausts. This creates a much better indoor air quality and is particularly beneficial to residents who are hay fever sufferers as it means the windows can be kept shut whilst still benefiting from high levels of ventilation.

“The MVHR system from ADM Systems provided the perfect solution,” said    Helen    Martland, Business Development Manager at Chevin Housing Association: “We are highly delighted with the system as the improved energy efficiency makes the properties much more affordable to keep warm and comfortable.”

The development in Goldthorpe has been a key priority for Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and Chevin Housing Association. The regeneration of Goldthorpe is part of an ongoing programme on investment in the area.

Chevin Housing Association Limited is a charitable association that owns and manages over 8,500 homes. The main contractor on this development was Lightmain Construction.