Air Valves (Diffusers)

  • Lindab Airy Valves

    The Airy Valves offer one of the lowest sound levels in the marketplace. Designed for installation on a wall or in a ceiling they are easy to mount and are available in three different duct sizes. Consisting of two parts: the valve body and the flat front plate, the valve body is fixed to the duct system or a valve socket via flexible spring wings. The Airy valve comes in five standard front plate shapes, circular, square, ellipse, rounded side square or rectangular, and can be equipped with a blanking–off sector plate. As they are made of metal they can also be powder coated to colour-coordinate with your décor.

  • Standard Supply and Extract Air Valves

    Although white powder-coated metal diffusers are supplied as standard to suit 125mm and 150mm diameter ducting, other types of air control valves are available on request including stainless steel.

  • Directional AIr Valves

    There may be specific situations where it is deemed beneficial to design
    in directional air valves. The deflector plate in this air valve can direct the supply air into a specific area of the room as required where it is not desirable to distribute it elsewhere, avoiding a permanent seating area or to avoid the bed in a bedroom where the air valve location is dictated by the structure and may cause a draught otherwise.

  • FIre Valves

    A valve and fire preventing material is used to prevent spreading of fire and smoke into duct systems.
    Fire valves fit exactly the same way as standard valves and can be easily retrofitted. They meet the requirements of Part B (Approved Document B) of Building Regulations.

    The valves will maintain the integrity of fire rated ceilings for up to 60 minutes.
    (a) Shows the fire rated ceiling valve’s intumescent gasket material before a fire
    (b) Fire rated ceiling air valve sealed after a fire