Central Vacuum Systems

A Central Vacuum System is up to five times more powerful than the conventional cleaner, it is quieter, cleaner and simple to operate. You simply plug in a lightweight hose into a discreet wall socket and away you go!

Not only do our central vacuum systems make cleaning a breeze, they also provide a healthy indoor environment.  Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, dust particles and allergens which would normally end up deposited on surfaces are captured and contained and not released into the ambient air, complementing your MVHR system perfectly!


Retractable Hoses –No need to store your hose in a cupboard and carry it around from one inlet to another!

Automatic Dustpans – Just sweep up dust and crumbs, open the dustpan  with your toes and watch them disappear! (image)

Flexible Filtration Options – our units can be used with or without a bag