Control Options

It’s important to consider how you might want to control your heat recovery ventilation system.

You may be happy with a simple manual boost switch but it is worth considering other options.

Integral humidistats are recommended if you would like your system to react to excess moisture.  We also offer a range of remote controls, touch screens, automatic PIR and CO2 sensors and summer bypass options.

The ComfoAir Q MVHR unit can be controlled using the ComfoSense controller and remotely using optional WiFi and app facility.

Other units including the HRV10Q plus which utilises the innovative Aurastat Controller and the Sentinel Kinetic Advance which should have its own app as control option by the end of 2016.  Check out our MVHR units for a taste of units and options available to you today.

Don’t forget to discuss these and any options with one of our design team.