A self-builder perspective on the benefits of heat recovery ventilation (#MVHR) five years post installation

When it comes to domestic heat recovery and ventilation systems (MVHR) you’ll find few more passionate proponents than self build enthusiast Mark Grogan.

Mark turned to ADM Systems back in 2011 to install three separate heat recovery systems into his large, new build, family home in deepest, rural Derbyshire and hasn’t looked back.

Mark, who works in the motor industry, commented: We opted for heat recovery systems on the basis that they help to remove moisture within wet areas and reduce condensation to a minimum”.

‘We also gain peace of mind from knowing that the air is filtered for pollen before it enters the house and that dramatically reduces the impact on allergy sufferers.

‘Energy efficiency is another consideration but, for me, it’s been all about indoor air quality and creating a healthy environment for my family.

“Five years on and all of the systems are working perfectly and, as a family, we are directly experiencing the health benefits of fresh air circulating around the house”.  ‘It’s a visible and physical system that delivers a host of advantages and represents one of the best investments when we were constructing the house. I haven’t changed my mind since!

‘If and when I get involved in another new build project you can guarantee I’ll be on the phone to ADM Systems. Their objective, independent advice from day one ensures you get the systems you require rather than models that best suit the supplier’s commercial motivations. Marked added;

“It is quite incredible how many pollutants are in the air. Even in rural locations such as this, it’s surprising quite how much dust gathers around the ventilation filters. It’s a sure sign that the system is working”

Mark incorporated two units within the main body of the house and an additional system in the side building. Mark’s units are capable of recovering around 90% of the heat from outgoing stale air before feeding warm, fresh, filtered air back into the property.

The system works through a series of ducts that collect stale, moist air from areas such as the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. The contaminated air passes through the #MVHR unit and out of the property whilst a stream of fresh air from outside simultaneously passes into the property with heat transferred from the outgoing flow. Grogan cropped SK
In recent years, ADM Systems have been featured on several home build and makeover shows on TV and this helps to spread the message but the ultimate testimonial comes from customers such as Mark who have tried and tested systems in place.

Because of the unique way in which we operate, free from commercial tie ins with system suppliers, we can offer neutral advice and expertise when it comes to designing and installing systems however we also have a popular “Buddy Service” that allows customers to safely install themselves.

Five years on from installation the system we installed Mark and his family are still impressed by how the system performs.