“Buddy Service” – Hands on support on site when you need it most

Whether you are self-builder or a project manager or builder who is considering  installing a heat recovery ventilation system yourself but would feel more assured if there was a little expert help close to hand, please ask now about our flexible low cost “Buddy Service”.

One of our experienced fitters could be with you on DAY ONE of your installation to advise and guide you and make sure your project gets off to a flying start.

You can also call upon our help at any time during the project for an agreed daily rate, giving you all the flexibility and support you need for a successful installation.

During their visit on site, your “Buddy” will be sure to:-

  • Talk you through the key points from the “Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide” as to what is required by Building Regulations to ensure an effective installation
  • Walk you through your property with your  design in hand to ensure a trouble-free installation
  • Advise you of any on-site changes to the design that may need to be made should there be any previously unreported building constraints or potential clashes with other services
  • Mark out where the holes for the externals will need to be made within the fabric of your build and supervise you with  their core drilling equipment on site
  • Help you check your deliveries and talk you through the various parts which make up your order
  • Demonstrate how best to cut and secure your ducting together and show you how to follow your design
  • Talk you through some of “do’s and don’ts” of installing
  • If time allows, they will also provide you with as much hands-on support as they can on day-one
  • Provide you with telephone support when required

It’s imperative that your system is installed correctly from the outset as mistakes can be extremely costly once the ducting has been covered up with plasterboard and it comes to commissioning and balancing your system! The last thing you need at this point is to start cutting holes in your beautifully plastered new ceilings because you are not achieving the designed airflows!

For peace of mind on site why not book your “Buddy Service” prior to starting your project and give yourself the confidence of a fully compliant install.

Speak to our customer services team now on 01756 701 051 or email info@admsystems.co.uk and let’s start working together.

Commissioning & Balancing your system