What is an MVHR?


It is important to note, MVHR is NOT a heating system nor is it an air conditioning system, but designed and installed correctly it will minimise the heat losses from within your property.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a balanced and controlled forced air ventilation system commonly known to many as a heat recovery ventilation system. It is a whole house ventilation system that both supplies fresh and extracts stale air throughout a property and recycles the heat generated within it.

It offers an efficient low energy forced balanced ventilation solution primarily aimed at highly insulated airtight properties to improve or maintain good indoor air quality.  Your MVHR ventilation system can be fitted into new self build homes or custom build homes as well as commercial properties such as care homes or offices.  The system can also be successfully retrofitted during the renovation of your house or property.  It eliminates the need for unsightly trickle vents and noisy extractor fans and increases the security within your property.

The heat recovery ventilator will capture around 90% of the heat that would otherwise have been lost in your property which can help reduce your carbon footprint, an integral component in Passive House construction. It is designed to run quietly and continuously in the background and will not be affected if you open your windows!

A compliant heat recovery ventilation system is generally made up of an MVHR unit, ducting, internal air control valves and external wall or roof vents, as well as all the necessary insulation and acoustic attenuation required.

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